Monday, June 15

We've MOVED!!!!

The Ultraviolet Dream

Thursday, May 28

"How Can We Return to Where We've Never Been"

Song: Find My Way To Love (Feat. Chantae Cann)
Artist: Jaspects
Album: The Polkadotted Stripe

Jaspects are what I used to call an AUC Hype Band. A group that had a lot of street cred in the AUC but its reaches were not far beyond it. However, last moth, this group dropped this album entitiled, The Polkadotted Stripe. I downloaded their first song from their Myspace page called UniFunk. This song literally makes your body light, and your thought's wavy. Think of the end of Andre 3000's Protoype on Jazzy steroids, then drop a beat with a robotic hype man telling you to clap your hands.

Driven by that one track, I went to iTunes, YES iTunes, a resource where you actually pay money to listen to music, and downloaded the whole album for $9.99 (well $3.99 because I had leftover moeny on a gift card) This album is truly a graceful exploit into the new old-world of Jazz. I'd reccomend it to my father, and my Best Friend, it's truly music everyone can enjoy. An added bonus, is in true classic standard of Jazz, the music runs into each other perfectly. The mix of electronica, vocals, and instrumentals is perfect, there is not too much of a good thing and everything from the production, to the talent, to the songwriting is all showcased in this album that is a litte under an hour.

Look I'm going to put this download link up for like, 3 days and then you have to go buy this.
Jaspects-The Polkadotted Stripe

Image By: ME!

#116.5 Black Music the Black People NEVER Listened To

I'm here to re-address a certain topic that was brought up, on that fancy old blog, Stuff White People Like, an anthropological venture into the whimsies and fancies of my fairer skinned brethren. The post was entitled #116 Black Music that Black People Don’t Listen to Anymore. After watching MTV Hits, I've come across a certain Black artist that Black People NEVER listened to. His rhymes and voice are quite annoying, and he certainly does not have a problem casting off his hip-hop roots for pop-rap fame.

The artist I'm talking about is Flo-Rida. He is allowed, one gimme because that Apple Bottom Jeans song was quite catchy, but only because T-Pain SANG THE HOOK. However, while away at school, I did not know of his blossoming career, with "hits" such as "Elevator," "In The Ayer," "Right Round," and this new Pop Monstrosity "Sugar."

I woke up to it today, while it was playing on the top 40 radio, and consequently, I've been struck with a pounding headache all day. The only people I know who like this music, are pre-teened suburban girls who are dying to shake their ass in the club....


Groove Slam Work it Back, Filter That, Baby Bump That Track

Song: Starstruck
Artist: Lady GaGa
Album: The Fame


Why who is it, but our Queen of the Lost Pantalones, Lady Gaga! This peroxide Blondie has brought a new album and a new trend all in the first half of 2009. Now, you wouldn't catch me out dead wearing a latex leotard, but to each her own. Not focusing on just the pantless essence that it Mademoiselle Gaga, I really do love her style. You can bet I'm going to my nearest beauty supply store and making that Bow out of some Milky Way Yaky and stuntin' every time I go out. I might just invest in some bright fingerless gloves too, I've wanted some for a while. But I can promise, no bodysuit from me, because that would mean 1. I have to shave, and 2. I'd have to be a size nothing.

And now I give you, the WALL OF GAGA!!!


Wednesday, May 27

"And I'm Proud to Be an American, Whre At Least I Know I'm Free"

Song: God Bless the USA
Artist: Lee Greenwood

When did America become a Christian Nation?

Yes I know the history, of the country. Native Americans were living here for centuries until Christopher Columbus wandered upon HispaƱola and Cuba and claimed it for Spain as the West Indies. Then later the Puritans came over from England to Plymouth, to practice their protestant Christian religion freely.

Of course the country has a strong Christian foundation, but once America became the land of immigrants, it also became the land of many different religions, where people were able to practice whatever religion they chose, freely.

Now, with the recent decision of Proposition 8 fresh in my mind, I can't help but thinking, What is Going on In America? Personally, I align myself with the christian faith, I only do it because my parents have done it. I haven't really read the bible, or go to church faithfully, however if someone inquires about my religion, I admit that I am a Christian. However, just because I embrace Christianity does not mean I shun all other religions. Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism,and Islam can all coexist. Just because we have different ideals does not mean that we must differ ourselves. It goes the same for Race, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Age, and Class just because we may differ in many ways, does not mean we can't co-exist.

So what I don't get is the relinquishing of rights to Same-Sex marriages. Members of the Judeo-Christian faith's may not believe in Same-sex marriage, however that's their choice. It should aslo be the choice of others to believe in it. Many people get on their moral high horse about this subject, but in America, it should be loud and clear. The fact that in the bill of rights, we've procured the Freedom of Expression,
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
This regards siding with, or against an establishment of religion. Just because a certain religion abhor's Homosexuality, does not mean the country has to. The religious advocates can choose to believe that abortion, and same-sex marriage, and Harry Potter are evil. However, others who still pay their taxes, and abide by American law can also choose to believe, and should not be hindered in the choice to do so. While topics like Abortion are definitely more hard-pressed to make a decsion about, considering the consequence of a "life." Same-Sex marriage does not affect anyone else, but those who choose to partake in it.

Ultimately for Christians, judgement day will come. And yes we are supposed to help others follow in the way of Christ, but we cannot force them to. Which is why, forcing Gay couples to be ostricised because of their sexuality is not helpful, nor very Christain-like.

The California Supreme Court should rethink their descison to prohibit, in the name of ???

Our laws should not be soley based on Christian law, we are not a Christian nation, we are a nation of all faiths, and we should all be represented.

Tuesday, May 26

Girl (boy) on TV

Song: Girl On TV
Artist: LFO

So I just fell in love with the coolest guy on TV. His name is Vince, you might have seen him in the ShamWow or SlapChop commericals. I love his voice, and he sincerely tries to sell me a product that will help improve my life. Best line "You're gonna Love my Nuts"

back off ladies, he's mine.

Sunday, May 17

Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head

So, I got bored and played around with photoshop/ I did a favor I said I'd do months ago for the kid.


Thursday, May 14

How Could I, Forget You Girl?

Song: Always Something There to Remind Me
Artist: Naked Eyes
Album: Burning Bridges

Whilst vegging out in my bed watching Singing In The Rain on AMC I couldn't help but wonder, what ever happened to the Musical? Why did this seemingly limitless genre of film suddenly disappear from the American screen, only to be replaced by Disney Movies and lackluster remakes of old favorites. (Although, many of my favorites, did first debut on Broadway)

Musicals bring such joy and happiness into the lives of people who just want a vacation from real life. Of course no sensible person bursts into song, with a chorus line back-up complete with harmonies. As many times as I've wished this would happen, it never has. So I must come to accept that these fantasies can only manifest themselves through big-budget over the top musicals strictly for my viewing pleasure and 90-140 minute attention span.

So while reminiscing about the musicals past, I created a list of my Top 5 Favorite Musicals.

1. Singin' In The Rain: This is by far the best musical ever made. A wonderful film set to highlight the glorious dancing talent of the one and only Gene Kelly, while displaying his goofy, comedic nature. This film also featured Debbie Reynolds, a sweet-as-pie actress with a glorious voice. This musical has to be one of the most in-cohesive movies ever made, with dance numbers thrown in for sometimes, no apparent reason. However, it's comedic charm and it's ability to laugh at itself really makes this movie great, and gives it #1 status.

2. The Sound of Music If you don't like this movie, I'd really recommend seeing a licensed medical professional. The only reason to not enjoy this movie, is because of the length, and thanks to the wonderful DVD menu, I can skip to all my favorite songs in a Jiffy. Julie Andrews' natural beauty and her vocal talent is compared to none in this movie, and she still sets the standard for anyone who dares to sing in a movie to this day. I wouldn't be lying if I told you that Julie Andrews taught me how to sing.The Loneley Goat heard, Edelweiss, My Favorite Things, Do-Re-Mi. These songs are all standards, and you couldn't go through your childhood with out learning one of these songs.

3. Mary Poppins: As a child, I hated this movie with a passion, but as I've gotten older this has become one of my favorites. The chemistry between Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews in incredible, and a bundle of laughs for anyone who watches. Again, the songs in this movie are more than memorable, they are what consists of a childhood. Tell me you didn't have trouble sputtering out "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" Again, Julie Andrews is exemplary.

4. Grease: Yes this Movie is a Broadway adaptation, but this is one that is done right. Grease is an undeniable classic, and although we can doubt the musical stylings of John Travolta and Jeff Conaway. Starlets like Stockard Channing and Olivia Newton John were amazing on the screen. Who didn't want those tight satin black pants sandy was wearing? This movie has enough raunchiness and enough great musical numbers, by a full ensemble to solidify it's greatness in Musical History.

5. Newsies: This movie literally came out of nowhere, yes Batman (Christian Bale) is jumping up and down and singing songs about newspapers. This musical was original and the fact that it was mostly male teenagers, was a sight to see. (I mean Oliver! was weird, with little boys running around everywhere) I really don't know why I love this movie so damn much, maybe because Bill Pullman and Robert Duvall played such crazy characters, maybe it's the awesomely-bad New York Accents. Either way, Sieze the Day and Carrying the Banner are certified gold.

Victor/Victoria: Julie Andrews, 'Nuff Said
Oliver!: "Please sir, I want some More"
Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella (2000): C'mon Multicultural Cast
Chicago: A very solid attempt.

Wednesday, May 13

I'm Cleaning Out My Closet

Song: Cleaning Out My Closet
Artist: Eminem
Album: The Eminem Show (Pass:

So, lately my MacBook has been running slow. It's about 2 years old now, and I use it everyday. I do some unscrupulous downloading when it comes to music. (Although, apparently nothing is worse for your computer than downloading Porn, it has all types of yicky stuff in it.) It would take like 4 minutes to get photoshop to run, and finder ran like Molasses on a winter day. Since apparently Apple's don't get viruses (this is a farce) I figured there wasn't much I could do, but run "Software Updater" and repair my disk permissions. That didn't do much, so after a little splunking, in the cavernous wonderland that is the techno-blogosphere, I came across a wonderfull application, called Cocktail.

It combines the Disk Utilities, with the unix based scripts that help rid your computer of harmful and lethargic files. It doesn't add anything to your computer, rather it bunches up all the useful tool UNIX and Mac OS X give you to maintain your system. Now my Apple is running almost as fast as when I first got it, there is very little lagging, and applications run smoothly and cleanly. Firefox used to Force Quit itself on me all the time, and it hasn't once since I ran a comprehensive cleanup on my machine. It's almost like an Oil Change and a Tuneup for your computer, a must have for any AppleHead.

Download Here: Cocktail

Happy Trails.

Music For Love

Song: Music For Love
Artist: Mario
Album: Go!

The connection between the mind and the heart is a complicated one to say the least. First, one must come to understand that the Heart is an actual organ working deep within your chest to pump blood throughout your body, while your mind is located in your head, sending signals to the rest of your body.

It's funny how we think our emotion lies in our chest, in the middle of our bodies, somewhere where it might "ground" us. We get pounding in our chests, butterflies in our stomachs, and weak in the knees, but really the main action is going on upstairs.

Your heart is actually located deep within your mind. Positioned deep in a place where reason finds it heart to penetrate, and consumes itself in a never ending battle for practicality over lovesickness. In my mind, my heart has formed a fortress seemingly invulnerable to reason, controlling the center of all thoughts and actions.

My favorite emotion is Love, to be in love, to fall in love. All the wonderful things in life I experience relate themselves back to Love. All of the horrible things I experience also subject to this rule.

I want to know why this is, what it is, because at this point I've become pretty tired of being ruled by cupid, Aphrodite, Venus, and whoever else dwells on the romantic fancies of others. I'd rather become my own person not yearning to be attached to someone, whether it be a parent, a brother, a best friend, or a boy.

So how about my "heart" takes a back seat, maybe reason can get a turn, that could be fun?