Thursday, May 28

"How Can We Return to Where We've Never Been"

Song: Find My Way To Love (Feat. Chantae Cann)
Artist: Jaspects
Album: The Polkadotted Stripe

Jaspects are what I used to call an AUC Hype Band. A group that had a lot of street cred in the AUC but its reaches were not far beyond it. However, last moth, this group dropped this album entitiled, The Polkadotted Stripe. I downloaded their first song from their Myspace page called UniFunk. This song literally makes your body light, and your thought's wavy. Think of the end of Andre 3000's Protoype on Jazzy steroids, then drop a beat with a robotic hype man telling you to clap your hands.

Driven by that one track, I went to iTunes, YES iTunes, a resource where you actually pay money to listen to music, and downloaded the whole album for $9.99 (well $3.99 because I had leftover moeny on a gift card) This album is truly a graceful exploit into the new old-world of Jazz. I'd reccomend it to my father, and my Best Friend, it's truly music everyone can enjoy. An added bonus, is in true classic standard of Jazz, the music runs into each other perfectly. The mix of electronica, vocals, and instrumentals is perfect, there is not too much of a good thing and everything from the production, to the talent, to the songwriting is all showcased in this album that is a litte under an hour.

Look I'm going to put this download link up for like, 3 days and then you have to go buy this.
Jaspects-The Polkadotted Stripe

Image By: ME!