Thursday, May 28

Groove Slam Work it Back, Filter That, Baby Bump That Track

Song: Starstruck
Artist: Lady GaGa
Album: The Fame


Why who is it, but our Queen of the Lost Pantalones, Lady Gaga! This peroxide Blondie has brought a new album and a new trend all in the first half of 2009. Now, you wouldn't catch me out dead wearing a latex leotard, but to each her own. Not focusing on just the pantless essence that it Mademoiselle Gaga, I really do love her style. You can bet I'm going to my nearest beauty supply store and making that Bow out of some Milky Way Yaky and stuntin' every time I go out. I might just invest in some bright fingerless gloves too, I've wanted some for a while. But I can promise, no bodysuit from me, because that would mean 1. I have to shave, and 2. I'd have to be a size nothing.

And now I give you, the WALL OF GAGA!!!