Thursday, May 28

#116.5 Black Music the Black People NEVER Listened To

I'm here to re-address a certain topic that was brought up, on that fancy old blog, Stuff White People Like, an anthropological venture into the whimsies and fancies of my fairer skinned brethren. The post was entitled #116 Black Music that Black People Don’t Listen to Anymore. After watching MTV Hits, I've come across a certain Black artist that Black People NEVER listened to. His rhymes and voice are quite annoying, and he certainly does not have a problem casting off his hip-hop roots for pop-rap fame.

The artist I'm talking about is Flo-Rida. He is allowed, one gimme because that Apple Bottom Jeans song was quite catchy, but only because T-Pain SANG THE HOOK. However, while away at school, I did not know of his blossoming career, with "hits" such as "Elevator," "In The Ayer," "Right Round," and this new Pop Monstrosity "Sugar."

I woke up to it today, while it was playing on the top 40 radio, and consequently, I've been struck with a pounding headache all day. The only people I know who like this music, are pre-teened suburban girls who are dying to shake their ass in the club....