Wednesday, May 13

Music For Love

Song: Music For Love
Artist: Mario
Album: Go!

The connection between the mind and the heart is a complicated one to say the least. First, one must come to understand that the Heart is an actual organ working deep within your chest to pump blood throughout your body, while your mind is located in your head, sending signals to the rest of your body.

It's funny how we think our emotion lies in our chest, in the middle of our bodies, somewhere where it might "ground" us. We get pounding in our chests, butterflies in our stomachs, and weak in the knees, but really the main action is going on upstairs.

Your heart is actually located deep within your mind. Positioned deep in a place where reason finds it heart to penetrate, and consumes itself in a never ending battle for practicality over lovesickness. In my mind, my heart has formed a fortress seemingly invulnerable to reason, controlling the center of all thoughts and actions.

My favorite emotion is Love, to be in love, to fall in love. All the wonderful things in life I experience relate themselves back to Love. All of the horrible things I experience also subject to this rule.

I want to know why this is, what it is, because at this point I've become pretty tired of being ruled by cupid, Aphrodite, Venus, and whoever else dwells on the romantic fancies of others. I'd rather become my own person not yearning to be attached to someone, whether it be a parent, a brother, a best friend, or a boy.

So how about my "heart" takes a back seat, maybe reason can get a turn, that could be fun?