Thursday, May 7

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen Goodbye

Song: So Long, Farewell
Artist: Vonn Trapp Family Singers
Album: The Sound of Music

There are many type of goodbyes

  • The wave/nod, to an acquaintance
  • The hug, to a good friend
  • The bear hug, to the best ones
  • The kiss goodbye, to the boo
Then there's one kind of goodbye, a goodbye that's isn't really spoken.

For shits and giggles, I texted seƱor shortness, just to say hey. It was at 4ish so you know, there were no dangerous implications, we were both sober, I was just saying "hi". So we small talk about finals and long drives home, when I get that text, "So what are you doing later tonight." Well, I know that because it's him, he's not asking me where the party's at. So I'm sitting in my chair, at zaxby's thinking, "I should stand his ass up so he knows what it feels like." but the other side of my brain keeps saying, "well he's leaving tomorrow, you should at least go see him." So after going to Bankhead, going to Alpharetta, AND going to Mechanicsville, it's about 2AM and I call him and say, "Hey, I'm here."

We said our goodbyes, and it was great and everything. (I made him listen to Fancy and Purple Kisses, because he doesn't like The-Dream) He drove me to hillman 2 hours later, and I wished him a safe trip home. It was short and sweet, it wasn't anything special, most likely because he isn't someone special. But it made me laugh, because out of all these fake ass "goodbyes" and "I'll miss you's" I really did like his the best.