Thursday, May 7

So Long, Fair well, To You My Friends

Song: So Long
Artist: Out of the Box

So, this is my farewell to Spelman College for the next three months... Throughout this school year I must say that I have learned a lot about myself, and the friends that I have chosen to surround myself with... At times they can be bitchy, aggravating, self-centered, and just down right rude, but that is a part of what makes our friendship so strong (at least I believe its strong)... Despite all of these flaws that each of us has, we can always seem to put it past (at times) and have a good time... I can honestly say the women that I have met here at Spelman are probably some of the best friends that I have ever had, and I hope that they can continue to put up with my bullshit, as I do their's... So, this year unlike last year, leaving Spelman for the summer is much more difficult, but that is probably why we can stand each other, because of that three month break... This year I believe I have really grown up... I have matured and realize that you have to "accept the things you can not change, and change the things you can"... For the summer I plan to continue to make myself a better person, and learn how to not procrastinate... Lol... So, while I am at home, working at the pool, going to summer school, learning how to sew, and improving my pitching technique for next softball season, I will continue to look forward to the time when I will be back here at Spelman... I love you my beautifull sistas... LOL, be safe this summer and don't do anything I wouldn't do... And if you do, name it after me...