Monday, May 4

Human Nature

I've always believed in a Woman's right to choose what she does with her reproductive system, but I also believe that there should be parameters on these choices for the mental health and physical well being of said woman. The Plan B emergency contraception is a wonderful discovery, but in it's name it is clearly defined for emergencies. However, the questions arise when people try to define these emergencies. Is it, after a traumatizing rape? A rip in the condom? A missed birth control pill? Too drunk to remember? He forgot to pull out?

With each question the definition gets more vague and less concrete. In my opinon, I don't believe that Plan B should be so readily available after the first time you use it. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when Love and different emotions get in the way of logic and reason. However, sexual intercourse between two people is still a serious action that should not be taken lightly, no matter what the media tells you. The main function of sexual intercourse is the reproduction of children, when performed correctly 4 out of 10 times sex results in a little nugget. (When it comes to my family, make it 8/10) Which is why, family planning is now taught in many states and abstienence based education is on the outs.I learned how babies were made in 4th grade. I was officially taught since 8th grade, exactly what a condom was and how to use it. In 9th grade I learned about all Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections and how to avoid them. Honestly, there was nothing textbook about sex that I didn't know, and I was glad.

When it comes to "family planning" now, the rules printed in infalliable ink on the inside cover of my little black book. "No Glove, No Love." It's never been a question in my mind, if I'm to be sexually active, condoms are a must and Birth Control isn't that far behind either. So what I don't get, is all the girls I've been running into who don't use condoms. In the state that is ranked the 8th highest in HIV transmission!? Now I have a choice like every woman has a choice, but if this choice were to affect the rest of your life, don't you think you'd want to step back and find the safest way possible to enjoy yourself?

So, when he forgets to pull out or you lost track of your monthly cycle don't rely on Plan B to bail you out. In fact, I think that the first time (or first two times) every woman should be entitled to have Plan B readily availble and affordable to her. However, after those two times, the price of the contraceptive should start sliding up exponentially to deter such reliance on a frivolous method. I mean shit happens, but it doesn't happen that women do what you have to do.

Hey it might feel better raw, but when you're waking up at 3 in the morning to screaming Jr. and Homie isn't around to help you out, you're gonna "wish you had your raincoat right now."

<3 Victoria.