Sunday, May 3

I'm Hot, Your Cold, You Go Around Like You Know

Song: Burnin' Up
Artist: Jonas Bothers
Album: A Little Bit Longer


I just wanted to let everyone know that being a BITCH is not f-ing cool!!! I know at times we all have our moments, but unnecessary bitchiness is really uncalled for, at any moment in time... I hate to wish bad things on people but I really wish someone that I know could go one week with out having all that she has, because then maybe she will realize that its not ok to treat people like shit... You don't wanna be treated like that so why would you intentionally be rude, inconsiderate and just a big bitch for no reason... And as soon as someone approaches you about that shit, you immediately get this superior attitude like your better then everybody... Just a little news flash, your not better then anyone, and it will come a time when you will have to struggle to the point where Mom and Dad cannot come save you... Oh, and here's a thought you will have to do it yourself... I know, crazy, right (sarcastic)?