Tuesday, April 14

"Im On A Boat MothaF*cka, Take A Look At Me"

Song: I'm On A Boat
Artist: The Lonely Island

Album: MadTV

Boosted!!! So there is this cool website that I just recently learned about... Drum roll please!!! Its called StuffWhitePeopleLike.com... Lol... It is flipping amazing, hilarious, and extremely relatable... On the website it includes topics like, "Hating People Who Wear Ed Hardy", "New Balance", "America", "Multilingual Children", "Having Gay Friends", "Ugly Sweater Parties" and "Outdoor Performance Clothes", just to name a few... Its fairly new, because there are only 124 entries as far as the list goes... But check it out and you will be surprised how much stuff you actually like on this list... Soultry Sam, Out!!!