Tuesday, April 7

"If You feel it Raise your L in the Sky"

Song: Feelin' It
Artist: Jay-Z
Album: Reasonable Doubt

Faith 21 Available online May 1st
So, I just got word that Forever 21 is going to launch a plus sized line. Apparently, they dropped this information about a month ago, but since I'm not a plus sized girl so I really wasn't searching for information like that. However, Forever 21 has things that run EXTREMELY small, like their denim. Although the size says a 30, some of their jeans will cut off my circulation, while other things I can slip right into. In actuality their sizing makes no sense. So sometimes I'm stuck with not being able to fit the biggest size in something, which is why I'm excited about this "Plus Sized Line."

The only thing that pisses me off about Forever 21's plus sized line, is that It's only going up to a size 16, while other plus trendy sized stores like Torrid range up to a size 26. So really, Forever 21 is going to fix their earlier mistake of excluding regular sizes 10/12 that most stores carry, and add the "plus-sized" 14 and 16 and rolling it all together as Faith 21. Oh what that's gonna do for my self-esteem.

So I'm mad, but I'm happy, because this applies to me. The smack in the middle size. However, for the real plus sized girls, I'm sure this is an even larger blow because still they are excluded from shopping at this extremely trendy store.