Thursday, April 9

"His Joint Is Prob'ly Skinny, My Man's Kinda Large"

Song: Tell Her
Artist: Dom. Kennedy
Mixtape: Creme De La Creme

So, apparently Baddass Poets roll in threes, (okay mebbe twos)

LaVarr B. (or Varr Varr as he is more affectionately called) is a Chicago Native who has traveled far and near. He's picked up a very distinct style of poetry and as some would describe it "it's cold." His rhymes are more complex than most, using internal rhyme and creating a non-traditional rhythm to offset a boring meter that can oftentimes compromise a poem's value. So without further adieu I give you, a man who makes the rhymes bend to his will, LaVarr B.

part 1 of somethin'

“I can’t die”…that’s what I told him.

Life is hard but I gotta keep on pressin’...gotta send a message, teach a lesson, that even though you stressin’, this is worth doin’. This is worth pursuin’ and for the right person this is worth losin’. I mean givin’. But more importantly, its worth livin’.

“It is to be, in Time”….that’s what he told me.

Give me a second…thoughts racin’, heart is pacin. I need a minute for recollection. An hour for the statement. No matter if it’s a day or a night…I can’t afford to be complacent. For months I let sight, mind and body keep me stationed. I don’t have time for Time to be. An eternity for me is like a milli-second…still a second chance for me to steal a second. I reckon Time is supposed to get me closer to my goals but I told him “Not even eternity could bring closure to my soul”.

part 2 of nothin'...perspectives

“In order to survive…gotta learn to live with these regrets”

cause the sex was worthless and at her best she was perfect and at her worst she was worth it and then you hurt it…or hurt her…and you fill the void created by these regrets with more sex so more or less more stress, you were blessed…and now you’re just a mess…and now begins the test. The loneliness is killin’ you…and you cant even feel it…in fact you cant feel shit so now you just conceal it. how can you heal it?

“The closest of friends when we first started…”

but I grew apart as the trouble grew. And now I have this new life with new life. And with this new life comes new strife and I don’t know if I’ll handle that right. I keep hurting my mother and im too ashamed to face my brothers… and how can I keep another when I cant keep myself? I can’t even keep in touch. But I can’t keep this up. Hopefully my brothers will forgive me and my mother will live to see the day when I see what they see. Hopefully we can be what we used to be.